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All about our upgrades

Founded in 1984 our business is a compilation of 35 years experience of customizing and re engineering vehicles. We have learnt much from past franchises like Volkswagen, Audi and Ford. We are now part of a specialty vehicle manufacturer group (based here in Victoria and in the US) spanning the east coast of Australia with representation in both South Australia and Western Australia.

We are fiercely proud of our independence and that our organization has no relationship with Ford Australia. A key objective that runs through our ethos is to remain independent. We offer one of the best enhancements to F series trucks with Right hand drive conversions and give the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara and Volkswagen Amarok a complete off road package second to none and take the best of what is on the market and provide a complete financeable package. One stop shop with brand partners like ARB, OLD MAN EMU, Tough dog, Areoglas, EGR with these top quality brands only Raptor conversions can offer 5 years warranty on all product that exceeds most new car manufacturers. It is true that we trust our partners to give great service; we have worked hard to source and verify their services and would not recommend them if they were not suitable, but we also want our clients to have the freedom of choice. We can help them make an informed decision if necessary but ultimately the decision must lie with them .We are a debt free family owned company. Our conversions, consistently leads the industry in quality, innovation and dedication to customer service since our inception.

The F series story

Our F series trucks are ordered direct from the factory in the USA for customization and conversion and are designated as ”export only” not purchased from the US dealer network with un known history. These F Series trucks are new and converted to the highest quality and standard in Australia and in USA.

Our product confidence is that:

  • Our New F Series and Super Duty Trucks are registered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 as a full volume secondary manufacturer.
  • Our partners in Victoria and Queensland have over 1,000,000kms of proven super duty reliability.
  • Our New F series and Super Duty trucks are fully ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliant.
  • Our New F Series and Super Duty Trucks are ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • Our conversion partners have Detroit subsidiary have modified over 1,000 Super Duty trucks to right hand drive.
  • Our Ford Rangers and Ford F series can be serviced throughout the Ford dealer network.

The Ranger Story

Pennant Hills Auto upgrade can offer a complete range of Ford Ranger Pick Ups inclusive of Ranger Diesel, Auto or Manual, XL, XLS, XLT and Wildtrak. We know the product better than most with over 800 enhanced Rangers sold by us since 2011 in all states of Australia. Well will sell you what you want, not what some dealer or manufacturers on the other side of the world think you want we will, built and enhance the car to exceed your expectation. It goes without saying a Ford Ranger is not a Ford F150 Raptor however enhanced Ranger is just as much a standout at less than ½ the price. Listed below are just a few of the many option we offer, inclusive of the price;

  • Carbon wrapping in 3 m product only ,experience tells us the best areas are bonnets, roof, tail gates and mirrors we find sharp curves will produce long term blistering
  • Custom paint in all pearl effect or shadow flames if you can dream it we can produce it.
  • 31 to 35 x 9 wheels and tires direct from the states with tires in either muddies or all terrain we offer brands like BFG, Cooper, Mickey Thompson, Maxis and Goodyear to name a few. All wheels are generally a larger diameter than standard and calibrated to match your computer and Speedo.
  • Our suspension from the industries best like ARB Old Man Emu, Bilstien, Fox suspension products each personally turned to your specific style and terrain type.
  • Custom Interiors 100% leather with bolster and shoulder restructuring to suit your shape and size. Embossed in a font and style of your choice.

How to pay for one

Due to our fleet buying power and industry knowledge we are able to secure fleet discounts well beyond the average new car buyer can achieve on his or her own. Our enhanced vehicle (packages) can be financed by us through Macquarie Leasing as well as financed by the lenders throughout Australia. The vehicles converted by ph can only be retailed to the public through the exclusive dealership base. However, suitable converted vehicles can be located and supplied to the retail public and can assist locating a stocking dealer in their area or deliver Australia Wide. Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok, Mitsubishi Triton vehicles are of course serviceable and warrantable through any of the corresponding dealers in the Australia and with Ford F Series and Ford Ranger at Thornleigh we offer Ford Trained Master technicians for peace of mind trouble free maintenance .

When you buy a converted Ford Ranger or a Ford F Series Truck you can expect the best quality and best customer service in the industry. This is our promise as part of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty vehicles. Simply put, we offer the best built customized vehicles in the industry for the pleasure, enjoyment and pride of ownership of the retail customer and success of our dealer partners.